Sinus Issues, allergies, and Skin issues?

Your liver harbors cells and filter toxins, and synthetic chemicals found in your food such as coloring, preservatives, synthetic sprays, favoring etc. When your liver is compromised through foreign particles and chemicals, and they flow back into your blood stream and find their way into the cells of various organs, muscles, and joints. Your body considers these foreign particles to be pathogens and kicks into action, creating antibodies that attack its own cells. This is very tricky for the immune system that attacks the system that it is supposed to be protecting.

The immune system was designed to produce mucus and inflammation unremittingly. This can trigger allergies and flu symptoms and may result in the individual becoming ill within a few hours of this action.

Like your liver, your skin is a detox organ, which helps to remove waste like material from the body such as sweat to keep your pores free from build up and helps to prevent skin break outs. When your liver is overloaded and weakened, your skin will pick up the slack and try to eliminate toxins causing a variety of symptoms such as skin rashes, acne, dermatitis, as well as liver spots. Since your liver is your body’s major blood filter, its not functioning properly, those toxins that remain in your body create free radicals which promote cell damage in your skin.

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